List Of Android Apps For Free Gift Cards – 5 apps

List Of Android Apps For Free Gift Cards – 5 apps

Most of the people do not believe that gift cards are just the next best thing in place of cash. Hence one can use them for whatever one wants to have it at the store. Therefore, all these things come in handy whenever one needs them or just wants to splurge.

Normally, for all this fun stuffs there are various kinds of apps which will, therefore, help you pay the bills and then you can have fun. But here one can also list up some of the free android apps which redeem free Google Play gift cards. Here one can easily rack up enough points to turn into gifts cards in just a couple of weeks.

Androids Apps which gets one free gift cards

1. Inbox Dollars

It is one of the popular GPT sites which have its very own app. By using this Inbox Dollar app, one can, therefore, do most of what that one does on the site to earn money which includes taking surveys, shopping online, and some are completing offers. One will also notice that the app is well-organized and is also easy to use. Moreover one can say it is a handy partner to the site to help one make money on the go. And this app is only available on Google Play and as well as in other App stores.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks turns out to be the most favorite rewards site because it gives one so many ways to earn Swagbucks to redeem for the PayPal cash and tons of other gift cards. However, if anyone shops online with one mobile device, one can thus visit Swag bucks first to check its cash back offers. Here one will find several gift cards to choose from to please just about any interest like the Walnut, Target, and Visa.

3. My Points

This mainly started as a reward website in the year of 1996, but it turns out to be a reward app for android and ios now also. One can, therefore, earn rewards by taking different surveys, watching videos, reading paid emails, and many more. One will notice that some of its gift card options are free Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart.

4. Toluna

Toluna is available in both Google Play as well in the App Store. Moreover, one can join the Toluna community to participate in the polls and also online surveys where one will get to share one’s option on various subjects. The points that Toluna gives for participating include Redbox, Banana Republic, Overstock and Groupon.

5. Cash Crate

This app turns out to be the longest running reward site which is now getting with the times by offering an app for Android that lets one earns the rewards in a variety of ways. Moreover, this app is more like a website which gives one a way to earn rewards on a daily basis and can easily redeem the points of the gift cards. Cash Cards is now available only on the Android platform.

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